Tuesday, January 6, 2009

new me!!

This year, I'm trying to make me feel better,,, I always do for others but this year I have to start with myself...

I need to get my blood pressure under control or I'll be under a Doctor's care, not going to happen.. I hope and pray anyway! So the first thing I do is start walking not so bad, and watch what I eat, that on the other hand hard!!! I like salads so that is what I'll be eating for the next couple of weeks.. I had salads everyday when I was pregnant with Chelsea! Can I do it again? Just keep me in your prayers!

Have a great night and wonderful week!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008

What a couple of weeks we had,, 1st, the week before Christmas busy getting things mailed out and trying to recall everything that I have bought for everyone and seeing if I forgot anyone and I didn't (good) and work Lord it was CHRISTMAS every day!!! The week of Christmas Donna Jean got all the test back everything was GREAT,,, nothing there it was GONE!! THANK YOU LORD!! Monday went to McRae to see Becky and the kids , Tuesday LONG day Wed,. Christmas in Baxley with Ricky's brother and grandmother, CHRISTMAS is here and the kids open there gifts and then I cooked and we went to McRae and then to Lumber City and then to Larry's to see all the kids,, WHAT A LONG DAY!!! Friday more Christmas late but I delivered it all What A good mail lady! Sat. nothing at work hardly easy day spent most of the day with Jacob and Emily !! So thankful it was very pretty day! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and A wonderful New Year!!!! I'm so ready for a new year maybe without any bad news!! May the Lord bless each of you!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Well back to the real world!

Our trip was good and we had plenty of time to rest. since we didn't get off the boat but once, because of a bad storm!! Just my luck,, anyway the kids had a blast and they are ready for the next trip,, they found a lot of friends,, this was something that needed to happen this year rough for all of us! It's funny that it was really cold here but warm there!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Well life goes on,, it's hard to tell little ones that someone has passed and they just look at you with the puppy eyes! They really don't understand! Right now my life is crazy and very stressful, but I guess that is the mommy job, to try and kept everything inside, I'm so glad we are going away for Thanksgiving this year! We all need a break from this life, while we are gone we want have to worry if the phone rings or anyone telling us bad news! My mother in law will be going with us too she has never cruised before, Kevin and Chelsea hasn't either!

When we get back my mother in law will have some test down to see if she has cancer or not! We are praying NOT NOT NOT,, I just don't know how much she can take! I KNOW I CAN"T TAKE MUCH MORE!!! PLEASE JUST KEEP US ALL IN YOUR PRAYERS!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I know when people get married and move away it's hard to see your family but I would like to see if you could make time for your parents or grandparents brothers or sisters you have and haven't seen in awhile don't forget in laws too!! Yes in the world today it is a fast pace but you never know what the good Lord has planned for you or your family,, just try and see if you can do that.... Life is short and I know you want to live every second to the fullest~~~~ I miss a lot of my family that has passed on but one day I'll see them all again
We have been really busy this week since Roger has passed we have been doing all kinds of things, Heather has been staying with Donna Jean during the week and the kids stay with her on the weekends, she has to keep her legs up 90% of the time to get the water out of her,, and she goes back to the doctor next week,, we are praying that everything will be okay, she knows that Roger is up in heaven helping her get better, she is doing really good!! It still hurts and will for a while but we all know that he's not suffering anymore!! Some little bit of good news!!! Heather is going to have another baby in May it's funny how things play out!

Saturday, October 4, 2008