Thursday, November 13, 2008


Well life goes on,, it's hard to tell little ones that someone has passed and they just look at you with the puppy eyes! They really don't understand! Right now my life is crazy and very stressful, but I guess that is the mommy job, to try and kept everything inside, I'm so glad we are going away for Thanksgiving this year! We all need a break from this life, while we are gone we want have to worry if the phone rings or anyone telling us bad news! My mother in law will be going with us too she has never cruised before, Kevin and Chelsea hasn't either!

When we get back my mother in law will have some test down to see if she has cancer or not! We are praying NOT NOT NOT,, I just don't know how much she can take! I KNOW I CAN"T TAKE MUCH MORE!!! PLEASE JUST KEEP US ALL IN YOUR PRAYERS!!